About WorldFieldGuide.com

WorldFieldGuide.com (WFG) welcomes you as a Visitor and hope you enjoy the experience.

What is WorldFieldGuide.com?

WorldFieldGuide.com is a collection of more than 27,000 images of 13,000 individual flora and fauna found throughout planet Earth. The goal of WFG is to present an overview of Earth's flora and fauna through a selection of images, related text, and geographic locations. Popular plants and animals are included as well as less familiar genus and species - from the nudibranch to the elephant, from the mosses to the redwood..

The creators of WFG are forever amazed at the variety of shapes, colors and characteristics of Earth's life forms. We share an intense respect for and an enjoyment of the planet and all its splendor. Children as well as adults have also expressed this reaction. We hope you do as well.

Increasingly, we are being made aware of Earth's beauty, diversity, and fragility. At the same time, we as well as many others, are recognizing our have a responsibility as stewards of planet Earth. If in some small way, WorldFieldGuide.com can contribute to or encourage this growth in awareness, we feel we will have achieved much.

WorldFieldGuide.com intends to enable:
teachers to use its contents to augment lesson plans
hobbyists to peruse their favorite areas
small children to step through and enjoy the color and variety
all to enjoy the planet's diversity of flora and fauna

WFG thanks all who have been resources to this project. WFG has had invaluable cooperation of many experts, professionals, students, and individuals. Without their contributions this site would not have been possible. More than 20 years have been spent in gathering information for WorldFieldGuide.com and it has passed through various evolutions including specimen collection, purveyor to schools and hobbyists, filmstrip (remember them, anyone?), video disk (what's that??), and cd-rom.